Izzy’s presentation overly exceeded our group’s expectations. Especially because he is one of the youngest speakers we’ve ever had. He absolutely crushed it! His impactful story was delivered in an engaging manner that included humor, drama and life lessons which provided a ton of take home value for our members. As EO Arizona Chapter’s Learning Chair, I seek to identify speakers that can positively influence both the personal and business lives of those I serve and Izzy helped me achieve just that. His survey results were a 10 out of 10 and I encourage every EO Chapter to around the globe to invite him to speak.

J.P Dahdah CEO of Vantage Self-Directed Retirement Plans, LCC


He inspires us all.

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States


I strongly encourage anyone who is passionate about Israel to hear Izzy’s story. It is powerful; it is moving and it is highly inspirational.

Haim Saban, CEO of Saban capital Group


Izzy’s personal story is riveting, inspiring, and transformative. You will enjoy listening to his narrative and you will grow from the luminance that envelopes this young fighter.

Rabbi YY Jacobson


The audience fell in love with Izzy within the first few minutes. His delivery, his love for Israel, his sacrifice, his devotion, his perseverance, and his wonderful sense of humor, earned him a very well deserved standing ovation.

Rabbi Moshe Bryski, Chabad of Conejo


Izzy’s message was a call to action for my employees and guests.  He exemplified to us that we can make a difference in our own lives, and the lives of those around us.  He reminded us that hard work does pay off.  He helped us see that struggles are part of our path, and perseverance is necessary to achieve success.  Having Izzy speak at our quarterly retreat reinvigorated our team, and helped us mentally prepare for the challenges we face every day.  In addition to a new perspective, our team left with a call to action and specific focuses to achieve our goals and attack challenges.  I recommend Izzy to anyone looking not just to energize a group, but to provide lasting value that group can continue to draw on as they move forward. 

Matthew Stewart, Co-Founder and CEO National Services Group


I watched Izzy break down barrier after barrier on his journey back to combat. His passion is contagious.
Izzy’s inspiring message of personal triumph and dedication will motivate all who hear him to pursue their dreams.
Yoav Gallant, General of Southern Command, Retired


I was so inspired when Izzy came and talked to our group. His heroism and courageous story were very powerful. I would recommend Izzy to any group or business seeking inspiration of personal perseverance and passion for life. Never giving up even in the face of very tough issues…He is a very motivated,articulate, and bright young man. Any organization would benefit from his Real Life story telling experiences.
Andy Cohen, Executive Director at Gensler


This past Pesach, Izzy was here at our Seder. He impressed upon us how crucial it is never to give up and how sometimes through a challenge you can rise to even greater heights and reach your full potential.
His message really resonated with the students and the people present. He was confident, funny and well spoken.
Rabbi Berl Goldman of Chabad on campus, Gainesville Florida


Izzy’s overcoming attitude exemplifies the heart and Chutzpah with which God has blessed the Jewish People. He would make an excellent choice as a speaker for any event designed to encourage and support Israel.  

Pastor Steve DeFrain, MorningStar Fellowship


Izzy, your story, and your dedication – to yourself, and to Israel – are magnificent; Israel is LUCKY to have a fine soldier such as you!

Thomas M. Ullmann, University of Rhode Island


The students and teachers were deeply moved by his incredible story and touched by his message. The idea that each person can make a true difference was particularly resonant to them as high school students seeking to determine their paths into adulthood. To quote one of our student leaders, whose thoughts were echoed by many others, ” Izzy was the most inspiring speaker I ever heard. He really motivated me to find my way to make a difference.” 

Raizi Chechick, School Principal, SKA


Izzy spoke to my group on a Friday night. He was inspiring, motivational, and impactful. He received a standing ovation from all 180 people. I have since spoken to many people who were so moved by his talk. I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

Jodi Samuels – Founder, JICNY


Kol Hakavod! What an inspiration!

Peter Burman


Wow. Kol Hakavod.

Nolan Pompis Klein, Miami, Florida


A really inspiration story. I cried in my heart & prayed.
Geetha Silva


I am in total awe! It goes to prove that 99% of the time, tragedies can be overcome….as long as there is the will to do so.
Chaiya Eitan


Great story, his determination and will are truly amazing.
Julian Kasdin


I’m very happily married but I have a small crush on him…so sue me…
Svietka Rivilis, University of Milwaukee Wisconsin


Very touchy story. I cried. Shalom! Shalom!
Amir Azim, University of San Francisco


Wow! What a great story of determination… 
JoAnn Morris